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"GetSmile is the best smilie programme I have used. No spyware / adware, they are easy to use and organize and you can add to them. They also have a good variety of smilies, something to express every emotion or to say things that words can’t. I highly recommend GetSmile."
Donna Hinchliff, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

"I love my GetSmile program! They are fun and very easy to use and allow me to add a personal touch to my e-mail."
Kimberly, Michigan

"GetSmile was a gift from a friend a few Easters ago. I have had ALOT of fun sprucing up my emails with emotions through smilies. I have also discovered through experimentation that they work on the «board» I belong to... I think that is SO COOL. I can post smileys along with my messages!"
Merrie Neal, Illinois

"I’ve been using «GetSmile» for several years now & still love it! It’s always been user friendly & updated regularly, & one can use it without worry of spyware! I recommend it to everyone!
Thanks for an excellent smiley program!"
Darlene Borrego, Tennessee

"I know all the programs for Similes and for me is the best of the best."
Martha Lucнa Simon - Colombia

"GetSmile is great, I love making my own faces, GetSmile just make it all to easy to insert them in emails....... FAB application"
Karl Bartlett
Shropshire, England

"I love adding the smilies to letters I write to our Grandchildren. They really like getting them, and say «I wish Mom and Dad had these!» so I tell them how to get them. Sometimes I use them writing to our kids, even though they are all in their 30’s and 40’s!!"
Titonka, Iowa