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"I love GetSmile! The fact that it has no spyware/adware is the biggest factor for me!! You have a life long fan for this factor alone. Plus the great smilies are better than many others out there that I have seen being used, or used myself. Keep up the awesome work!"
Debbie ~ California

"In my humble opinion, GetSmile is the best of the breed. Ease of use, frequent updates, no conflicts with other programs."

"I always try to use GetSmile Help, first, if I have a question - but there have been times when I’ve needed to contact technical support. GetSmile tech support is the best! They are always there to assist me, and there response is fast, and understandable! Hats off to a great program and support team!"
Judy T., California

"I love GetSmile because it is full of great initial MSN Smileys but more important, it allows me to organize them, add categories, and import gif’s from the web, so I can mix smilies and gifs to fit my needs. It’s innovative, spyware-free, and incredibly simple to use."
Computer-Tutor in South Carolina

"It’s colorful, fun, and the best part is easy to use. It also works great and someone is always around to help if you need it. The people or great, good job, well done."
Linda J., Texas

" Have always been happy with the Smilies and also with the tech support."
Wilson, Fl.

"This program really isn’t necessary to insert smiley’s into e-mails, but for the short money, it certainly was worth it. Great little program!"
Chris, Boston MA

"Technical support was always very quick. If I wrote to Tech support I received an answer within an hour."