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"I love all the MSN emoticons and thought it was a great program. But discovering after that I wasn’t able to use my graphics, smileys, etc..from it that I put in from my folders! Then also finding smiley central, I rarely use this program now."
Amanda, Canada

"I love GetSmile software! Especially the larger ones that we have now! They are so much fun to add to e-mails and forums. I’m able to express myself no matter what mood I’m in. There is a smile for everything that I can think of! I’m really looking forward to more add-on’s!! keep them coming!!"
EV. Ifill (Bronx, NY)

"I love GetSmile! I love the really great variety of smilies I can use and I like that they are animated! It’s a very easy program to use and doesn’t take up a lot of my system resources!"

"GetSmile smileys really add fun and humor to my email and forum interactions. I get compliments all the time on them and have sent many an online friend to try them for themselves!"

"I’ve used GetSmile for a few years now and enjoy every aspect of the program. People constantly ask me where I got those great smiles, as they want to have them also. I highly recommend GetSmile to anyone from beginner to pro, as it’s easy to use a pleasure to display."
Thomas Huebner, Ohio

"I have had nothing but fun with these smilies, some of my friends wish they were all free so that they could enjoy them.I have enjoyed these very much."
Doreen M.,Vermont

"Diane from Denver, Colorado.....I not only like GetSmile but love them. I especially like the animated ones. Your program is SO easy to use and of course I «give out» cute smileys with my messages"

"I’m 65 but have no trouble using Smileys without help. Thanks."
Yvonne, New Bern, NC