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"I’ve found the program a fun and easy way to add humor and other emotions to your forum post and e-mails."

"Love GetSmile software. Gives me a chance to add safe, wonderful smiles and funny faces to my emails. I enjoy them and my friends really enjoy receiving them."
Lizzi Dillion
North Carolina

"This is the most easy to use Smiley program i have come across that does not add spyware/other programs to interfer with my computer. Thanks for making it."
Richard Carroll, Florida

"I love my GetSmile program! The people I email love that I have an smilie for any occaision, and most of them have it for themselves now. I always get excited when I see new smilies are ready. They add fun where it used to be rather tedious to email everyone."
Paula G.

"I’m totally amazed and very pleased that one can still find valuable and helpful software at a reasonable price these days. The support is exemplary and GetSmile is truly a gem of an application!"
Rick Stone, Kansas City, MO - USA

"I use GetSmile and have found it to be a great program free of spyware and easy to use. I enjoy the different smileys.
Susan Eaton"
South Carolina, USA

"I find GetSmile a great program, it is handy when inserting smileys into forums or e-mails all ya need to do it open it up and there they are, waiting for you to choose.LOL..the program is updated frequently and I have never had any problems with it.."
Chrissy, Australia...