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"This software is reasonably priced with regular updates. There are no pop up ads nor have I received unwanted emails as a result of GetSmile. Fun software, I use it often. The large, animated smiles are my favorites."
Carolyn C, Florida

"Good program! No spyware, what else do we want!"
Swenne, Brazil

"I find GetSmile easy and fun to use. There is a great assortment of Smiles to cover all moods and holidays. I recommend them to anyone that likes to dress up their emails with professional looking Smiles."
Fran M., Connecticut

I have used GetSmile for a few yrs now and love it. In this world small happy things make life just a little brighter"
Cathy Palmer Illinois

"What Fun! I’ve had many recipients compliment me on the GetSmile! They’re so easy to use that I do so often!"
Deborah C.
New Jersey

"When I can’t find the words I’m looking for, I turn to GetSmile to get my point across."
Chris Anderson, Pennsylvania.

"I like and use this program because it is easy for me and I can add other smilies and signatures that I have made. It is easy to just click or to drag them into my e-mail and my friends think they are cute. (Plus they think I am so smart.) lol"
Jackie B, Oklahoma

"There is only one forum I post on and the response I get from my «smilies» is great. I have actually referred other people to your site because they loved the smiles so much. They really do punctuate a statement! I have really enjoyed using them. "

"It has added some fun to my messages to my children who can’t wait to see what I send next."