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"I am an artist and designer by trade, and so I always try to find ways to make whatever I do interesting and/or fun. I use my email account many times a day, and I absolutely love the GetSmile smileys and user interface. It is easy to use, it has a large variety MSN Emoticons, and best of all it is safe! Whenever I use GetSmile smileys in my correspondences, people always ask me how and where did I get them! I always write them back with a link to GetSmile. Some of my emails are more business oriented and so smileys are not appropriate, but every chance I get, I love to use them, and I ALWAYS get compliments on them!"
Sara T.,
San Francisco, Ca.

"I highly recommend the GetSmile software program to many folks in which they have purchased it. It is extremely user friendly and like that it has the thumbnail feature rather than the full size picture for I have added a great deal of GIF’s and SIG’s that I have created and have stored at online photo web sites. I like the GetSmile program far better than the others that are similar in nature."
Craig A.,

"I really like the variety of icons, and the ability to add my own - and it is own of the easiest programs I have ever used. Customer support is great - especially when I got a new computer and couldn’t find my registration key!
I CRINGE every time I hear about a friend who has installed one of those ‘smiley’ programs that put all kinds of garbage into your computer. I tell them about GetSmile, and that it is worth the price - as compared to a ‘free’ program that will end up costing you in the end, whether it be with a slowed-down computer, or altogether having to reformat everything and starting from scratch."
Becky C, Eureka, CA

"I love the GetSmile software, It is very easy to use, add your own sigs and pics.
The option to save your work, Technical assistance is always at the ready to help and fast and wont abandon you till problem is solved.(That is important to me)
There are other software out there but we all prefer the GetSmile and stick by it.
Did not yet find one to beat GetSmile. Most important it never caused conflict with our puters and is very safe."
Rita Doiron,
Montreal,Que. Canada