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"I used to use IncrediMail until it kept crashing my PC, so went back to OE ... boring!!! Looked for ages for a suitable smilie program that was reasonably priced, wonderful smilies, and the ability to add my own, that was very important. GetSmile fitted all those requirements and more. I would be lost without it."
Trowbridge, UK

"GetSmile is a wonderful and easy way to add fun to your e-mails or forum posts. I have had a blast using them and would recommend them for anyone who wants the ease of inserting smilies into forum posts or e-mails. To be able to click, drag and drop is really great.
Thank you GetSmile!"
Shari K.,

"Since I have been online, I have always loved smilies. My girlfriend came across GetSmile and gave me the URL. I downloaded the free trial version but only used it less than a day as I NEEDED the full program (got one for my girlfriend as well). No matter what type of smilie I'm looking for it seems to be there. No spyware, easy to use, no hassles, great help when needed; what more could one ask for."

"I LOVE this program!!!! It beats all of the others because there's no spyware and using it is so easy! Organizing is simple too. It was the best bit of software I ever spent my money on!!!!"

"I love the different Get Smilies that Sofrayt offers. You don't have to deal with SpyWare an all the other pop-up junk that you get with the free sites. You won't be sorry!"
Marcie, California

"I love my GetSmile!!!!!!!! There are such a variety of expressions that I can insert in my emails, and I can make my point without typing a wordy sentence....the smiley says it all!
Thanks for this great addition to my computer!"
PJ, Tennessee