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"They are really fun things to add to e-mails. A good way to send greetings on Holidays. I have had several recipients comment on how cool they are."

"GetSmile is a cool program and you always see the crew worry about feedback and upgrades ...with their customers thank you!!!!"
Marcelo Grandon , San Antonio TX USA...

"GetSmile has brightened up my emails and forum responses, and I recieve many positive remarks about the MSN Emoticons I use from GetSmile. The software installs very easy, and the updates are great. Thanks for providing such a good choice of smileys to choose from."
Kevin H., Colorado

"I like the smilies because I can add to the galleries. The tech support has helped me every time I used it. Good program!"
JC, Florida

"All my friends love the smileys I send in my emails. They ask about the program because they know it is not spy/adware. I make sure they know that."
Katie S., Tennessee, USA

"I am my friend on Reality TV shows started using the free ones in our message posts in our group on line. Then I was the first to buy them as I wanted more available to download when their were updates. There are a fun group and you can organize them on different pages and change of the colors of the pages they are on if you paid for the program."
Candy Baker

"When I got «GetSmilie», I was a computer illiterate!! My system crashed, and wiped «GetSmilie» out! I emailed and got an immediate response, and help. The price is very reasonable, and I trust the ‘GetSmilie’ staffers! WooooHoooo !"

"I like GetSmile for the variety. You can express so many different things in a message."
Debra Ross