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"I am a very visual person; I greatly enjoy GetSmile software because it enables me to jazz up correspondence and postings with MSN emoticons that really nail the sentiment or occasion. I especially like the fact that humor can be expressed and emotions reflected with the click of my mouse. I have had very positive feed back about this program. Thanks for continuing to meet the challenge of new and varied smileys."
Lonna Jean Conroy, Idaho

"My sister-in-law purchased mine for me-I absolutely LOVE them. When I send an email I take so long to find just the right smilie for the subject I am on. It is like writing a story in pictures. I also like that you can save some other ones that come from other sites. They all add to the fun of emailing and everyone loves my emails. So they tell me. I want to tank the tech staff for being so helpful when I mess up. Also in sending me the address to re-install smilies when I had to replace 2 computers. I received them right away and it was appreciated. Keep up the good work."
Dolores Dulaney,Wisconsin

"When I first got them I was brand new to computer and probably could have used more hand holding instructions like step by step tutorial on how to do something but i love the versatility of the program and the size of the smilies is good some are too big in other programs or smilies I have seen but I like yours the best."
AJ, Connecticut

"Nothing gets your point across like Getsmile smileys. There are so many and easy to use. Im 30yr old and I feel like a kid when I play with them
Thanks GetSmile"
Denee Schleicher
Jacksonville, FL

"I love GetSmile! I put MSN emoticons anywhere that I can, and whenever I find some I like, I can add them easily. Easy to use, and easy to keep organized. I recommend it to everyone I know."
Karri K., Idaho

"Pete W, As long as you dont mind spyware, system crashes and a really crappy internet connection, use the free stuff. If however you want a program without all that and a small memory stamp and easy to use off line as well as on, BUY it. I did."