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"GetSmile is fun. It works so easy, and you can organize your own smileys too. Smileys add a lot to my chat."

"There have been times when words just aren’t enough...the smilies get my point across perfectly. I love them!"

"I love the GetSmile program! I’ve even been asked where I get ALL the great and beautiful MSN smileys from!!!"
Cheryl, Virginia

"I greatly appreciate the no adware or spyware. Honest, forthright companies are getting hard to find on the internet."

"I had been looking all over the net for smilies and found GetSmile. I downloaded the trial version and was hooked. I always recommend GetSmile to anyone that are looking for smilies to use in their email or forums. The GetSmile program is easy to use, no spyware, and best of all, Great Smilies!"
Vicki W, California

"I ue the program when sending email to my grandkids. They just love the different smiles"

"Smilies are great! I use them in an online Chamber of Commerce newsletter. Most of my Business members enjoy the html version of the newsletter and like the smilies that I intersperse throughout (although, with the smilies and other graphics, it takes awhile to load) for those with dial-up connections. I also add to personal emails. Sometimes the recipients of my emails do not see the animated ones. Why is this the case? I thought that they looked the same in all browsers."
J. Harris, California

"I am impressed with the ease of use. More over with the program’s ability to capture new smilies. (click and drag, especially)"
P.R. Oliver, Georgia

"I love the smilies, especially the newer, larger ones. I like having them for various holidays, too. They just seem to make my e-mails special."
Shirley D, OK