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" I am a «happy» girl so it seemed appropriate that I would utilize your unique smileys in all my emails and message boards! Thanks for such an awesome product!!!"
Pam from California

"The GetSmile software is terrific. It’s easy to use and all the smile’s really add to my emails. I would highly recommend them to everyone."
Mary Simpson,

"I have several smiley programs, but GetSmile is the one I use 99% of the time. It is by far my favorite. It’s so easy to use, that even my small children use it. GetSmile has a good variety of MSN Smileys, and the art work if terrific. I have changed computers three times since first buying the GetSmile program and had to request a link to download each time I changed computers. They gladly sent the link each time. I always heard back from them the day I sent my request, or the following day. They are very prompt with their replies."
Retha B...Tennessee

"I have really enjoyed GetSmile. It is fun and easy to share new and exciting MSN emoticons with my friends and family."

"When I want to send a special message - I can always find a smiley for it such as Birthdays, Xmas etc. I think they’re great!"
Marilyn Schulze, Minnesota

"GetSmile has been a breeze to use and makes emails more fun and interesting, Plus when you are trying to get a particular emotion across on email GetSmile really helps."
Lisa G. Bay Area Ca

" I have been able to make words more visual with GetSmile Icons. It really let’s me brighten up and make my e-mails or postings more personal. I love GetSmile."
Katy W.