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"GetSmile is a fun and easy program to use. I love the variety of smileys - there’s one for every occasion! I haven’t had to use technical support, but I had one occasion to request customer service assistance, and the response was prompt and extremely helpful. GetSmile is a great program, and I’d just like to say thank you and keep up the good work!"
Pam S.

"Get Smiles is a fun program and so easy to use. The Best part is no spyware. I recommended this program to evreyone I know. Keep up the good work."
Doris Pickrell, Maine

"I found that GetSmilie was easy to use and it is even better now as it caters for Eudora, which is the mail program I use."
Norfolk United Kingdom

"Great program. Excellent MSN Emoticons. Customer service is outstanding!"
Cindy S.,
United States

"I include a «GetSmile» with all of my Emails. I receive many compliments for the additional smiles that they produce."
Robert Aldrin,
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Such is the case with MSN Emoticons. If you don’t over use it, which most people do in the begining, it adds a personal touch with humor to e-mails or forums. It’s a fun and easy to use program."
Ward C, Jacksonville Florida

"GetSmile is a comprehensive program of attractive smilies. The company provides a lot of free updates and great customer service. No bothersome ads and the programs runs easily and smoothly. Great fun!"
PE Anderson, Arlington VA.