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"I am extremely pleased with GetSmile. I love everything about it and all the improvements you’ve made over the years have just added to the pleasure!!
Thank you,"
Kay M Pennsylvania

"I am a Moderator on a Christian Message board. Because I love to "decorate” my posts with smileys, I have earned the title «Smilie Queen.» Its not unusual to find a thread posted in the friendly discussion area asking me to find a particular smilie for someone performing a certain task or portraying a certain emotion. My Smilies have always brought a smile to my face - and I know they bring a smile to the face of others as well. With GetSmile they are a «click» away. Several people who post on the same message board have purchased GetSmile after asking me how I manage to always have just the right smilie right at my fingertips. I think I used the trial version for about fifteen minutes before purchasing the product. That’s all the time I needed to know that I couldn’t get along without it. I currently have over 21,500 smilies and clipart images stored in GetSmile, and I’m adding more to it every day. There can never be too many Smilies in the world."
Dorothy Linton, Carmel, Indiana

"My "computer guy" told me about the adware that accompanies the free smilies, and free is not "free" if it is accompanied by adware that snoops in my computer. Thanks for Getsmile Smilies, and I'm grateful that you’re continuing to give us more smiles for our money."
Nonnie, OH

"I chose GetSmile because it did not have spyware. I have told many of my friends as well. I love how I can add to them if I see a cute smiley out on the Internet as well. Great user interface. Easy...drag and drop, or double click, how easy is that? Love it!"

I found GetSmile Great, I use it in my e-mails and forums and people always comment how great my messages or e-mails look with all the added smilies. The thing about it that makes it so great it is convenient and quick, just drag and drop. Love It!! "
Ontario, Canada