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"Even though I am not generally an icon using person, I am hooked on GetSmile. After checking out the trial version I quickly purchased my full package. This was a couple of years ago and I have been highly satisfied ever since. The updates are wonderful, new smilies are constantly added and everything is available for a very reasonable price. I have purchased every update since my first acquisition and never regretted any of them. You can say a lot with those little faces – while using very few words!"
Iris Behr, Idaho

"I love GetSmile. Its very easy to use. With the many smileys to choose from I always get to add a little personality to my emails or forums."
Angie Fikac, Texas

" I love using GetSmile because of ease of use and very good variety. In using them for about 2 years, I’ve never had any problem."
Chris Gallagher

"I had a fellow Forum member tell me he liked my informative posts and my use of those ‘funky’ Smilies;...what a compliment!"
cabobill, Calif

"All my friends and family always ask me where I get my animated smileys. I refer them to GetSmile. I do enjoy including them in all my emails. It brings a smile to peoples face. I am hooked."
Lisa Maggiorino - Michigan

"GetSmilie is extraordinarily easy to use in message forums. It accepts other emoticons and some pictures easily from other sites on a copy and paste basis. Very Hassle Free. Terrific Product. Highly Recommend It!"
Janice, Illinois

"These smilies are fun, original and enjoyable for both the users and senders. Each smilie has it’s own little story to tell!"
~Laura, Arizona