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"I may be of the older generation, but I think it is fun to find an expression to go with what I want to say for my emails. Thank you!"

"This has been a complete treat to me. I am not one to trust downloads, but GetSmile has been great and I get many compliments."

"I love the way GetSmile enhances my ability to truly communicate what my feelings and emotions are at anytime. It is a hugely wonderful tool to have at my use. Thank you so much."
Andrea Greer, Florida

"Sometimes it is difficult convey your tone in an email message. Smilies help to make sure that your tone is sent with your words. GetSmile allows a choice if many different and varied emoticons."

"GetSmile is great! It is very easy to organize my smilies. Adding smilies is a breeze. It makes adding smilies to my forum posts and emails MUCH easier. Thank you for this software!"
~Robin from California

"Living in Japan I noticed I didn’t get updates. I contacted someone from technical support and was up to date in no time! Thank you!"
Andrea Hatakeyama, Japan

"I think GetSmile is one of the best programs around for making emails more fun. As I said above, I also have Smileycons which is a similar program but it is not a patch on GetSmile which I use all the time. I also love the quality of the larger colourful smilies rather than the tiny smilies, which I have actually deleted from the collections.
The quality of the smilies are far Superior in GetSmile and also the program is so easy to use. I am so pleased I tried it in the first place and went on to buy it. Absolutely great, keep up the excellent work!"
Christine Mathew, England, UK

"I love to use these MSN smileys. It adds a lot to the message boards I am a member of.
The members have commented to me that they are funny and really add to the board, as well as my post."
D’, Texas