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"Its nice to have a place to organize all my smilies."
Traci Oklahoma

"I have been using GetSmile since I have had a computer and have not had any problems with it and my friends like all the emoticons which I attach to their e-mails."

"I do a lot of support mails for those in pain like myself. Adding GetSmile smilies is simple and quick to help lift the spitits of everyone including myself!"
Valerie (UK)

"GetSmile works well enough for my needs. The Lotus Notes support could be getter since I can only get it to work in a few cases, but the ease of installation and use is good.
I would recommend it over its competitors only for its ease of use and no-BS installation."

"GetSmile is a very easy program to use. I enjoy it very much. Text can sometimes be misinterpreted to mean something other than what you intend it to mean. Placing a smilie at the end of that statement will show the true emotion you wish to convey. I have had GetSmile since the beginning and would hate to be without it."
S.D. Eastern OH USA

"I find that smilies be helpful for communication to give some hints, what is the meaning behind."
Herbert S., Germany

"i love using GetSmile, it is an easy way to organize and use smilies and well worth the price."
S Hayler UK

"I have used GetSmile software for some time now. I like it! Its free from spyware, easy to use, always works, and when I DID have a problem (My pc had crashed and I had lost my licence information) the back up I received was first class with my question answered quickly and accurately. I am delighted with it."
Hamish Brownlie,
Northern Ireland.