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"Great fun, and useful for getting my message across!"
Nick, UK

"GetSmile is an excellent program - and easy to use."
Cleveland. UK.

"I love the GetSmilies, especially the new bigger ones. They add to my e-mails and make what I am feeling very apparent just at a glance. I love it when I receive an e-mail saying there is a new set available!"

"I sure like your proggy, will always use them smilies"
thouw, netherlands

"I love the GetSmile program, it is easy to use and whenever you need any help someone is always there to assist you. I recently had to dump my computer and asked for help to re-install and I was sent a link to download the program. Well worth the cost of the program!"
Donna W. Vermont

"Simply put - GetSmile is the best smilie program available."
on the High Plains

"I have found, especially with email, that often when responding to someone who is a little down or having a problem that using the appropriate smiley always seems to draw a response relating to the fact that it was cute or funny and actually gave them a little lift. I think that is what I enjoy the most. Then everyone feels better. Thanks..."
Alan G Arkansas

"I love the GETSMILE program it is so easy to use and add smilies from other places, I can use it for Emails or forums with out hassles of finding URL's. Thanks GetSmile.."
Diane Porter, Florida