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"I love my GetSmile collection. My MSN Emoticons are pretty, funny, sad, mad, etc. They even have smilies for everyday situations. I use them everyday and the people I send them to have asked me where I got them. They make people laugh or help convey my feelings in my E-mails and documents. My beautiful collie got sick and had to be put to sleep. I used my sad, crying smilies quite often during that period.
The support is good if there is a problem and I got a quick response to my question.
I look forward to updating with new smilies when they come out. These smilies have much more than just a big grin. I would recommend them to anyone."
Barbara Colley
South Carolina

"GetSmile is easy to use, you just drag the smiley onto the page where you want it and voila! And most importantly, it is safe!"
J.F. Edmonton

"I love including smileys in my e-mail communications. Sometimes, a good smiley can really help drive a point home, even in executive-level e-mails. I tried several different smiley packages, but I’m sold on GetSmile. I haven’t tried one of its most powerful features yet -- organizing smileys -- but it’s ease of use to put smileys in e-mails is excellent!
Michael D, Colorado.

"I love GetSmile. It’s user friendly and I’m always getting compliments on the smilies. I originally bought the program when it was brand new and it has developed and changed over the past couple of years and works beautifully. I always recommend this program to friends and family and highly recommend it to anyone who loves using smilies as expressions."
Mary J, California

"When I first downloaded GetSmile I was disappointed by all the bad and discusting smilies. But then I realized I could delete them and download others to replace them. Now I am very happy with this program. I am into the cute stuff. I love this program! Also I have gotten wonderful Technical support whenever I had a problem. I wish I could get that kind of support everywhere. Thank you."
Kay B. Michigan