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"GetSmile is great! The Smileys are sooooo cute!!!! It’s definitely worth purchasing!!!"
Patricia, Georgia

"This is a program that I enjoy very much..., has many different smileys that you do not see other places...thanks for bringing them to us...."
Ash Bailey from Southern Illinois

"GetSmile is one of the easiest programs out there! It’s absolutely wonderful! I would not use anything else. It’s fun, it’s easy to organize. Overall extremely easy to use, and best of all it’s spyware free! I cannot say enough good things about this program!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!!"
Tina Runkle
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

"I love Get Smiles first all and foremost that its free of spyware and adware problems. Second they have free Get Smiles once in awhile as a surprise present for being a good customer and the only thing I wish you could do is drag the Get smile from it’s location to the document your putting it to. However, I love the program and I love them I am able to freely able to add extra smiles to it. Keep up the excellent work."
Carie Ross,
Kalispell, Montana.

"I have had the program for years. I have always been happy with it. It gets better and better."
Carole Hanson,
Calgary, Alberta

"I have been using GetSmile for several years now and only once had a problem. That was solved in no time through technical support. I often use ‘smilies’ in my personal email and always get compliments. I never hesitate to recommend GetSmile and even go so far as to include a link to their home page in my responses.
Keep up the good work..."
’Greema Nancy’, California