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"I think you have the greatest collection of smilies and they are easy to use.The only time I needed tech support was when I didn't understand about the screen going opaque when I accidentally moved the arrow one time. Support was quick to respond."

"I enjoy GetSmile very much, and especially enjoy the option it gives me to add graphics other than smilies to the pages of the GetSmile program, and then bring it up when I do e-mails and add get wells, and flowers, butterflies, birds, and the new signature tags which are beautiful on e-mails. I find the GetSmile program is much more than a simple collection of smilies for young people to play with. It can be a great resource to store, add , and send your favorite graphics , that is just one click away, and displays each one quickly so choosing is a snap. Maybe I use my GetSmile program for purposes not entirely what it is intended for, and seldom use the Smilies, but it just shows it is a program for every age, and has multiply uses, and I just can’t imaging my e-mail life without it!"

"When I first started emailing, I disliked the fact that people don’t always understand the mood of the mail, being they can’t hear the tone of your voice, or see your expressions. With GetSmile, they know exactly how I feel."
Kandee Riggio CA.

"I used to be so crazy about the mini smilies - before the advent of the current smilies - have now deleted almost my entire collection of smilies and refilled it with all the wonderful "new" smilies created by GetSmile - spectacular. Nice to get rid of all the violent types that the old collections used to have. Am now concentrating on positive and happy MSN smileys only. GetSmile just filled the bill so to speak. My regards to the "Creator." The best thing of all that I appreciate SO much is that this collection is totally free of spyware/adware and after my bout with Gator (and others), I feel safe when I use these smilies. God Bless the crew at GetSmile - just want them to know how much I appreciate them."
Ontario, Canada.

"I love to use smilies because it does just that. It makes me smile to use them in my e-mails knowing that the people receiving them will also smile. They are tons of fun and I can almost find a smilie for every occasion."
Michele Mastrangelo,
Woodbridge NJ.