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"I love your smileys so much. I can express myself so much better with them. Everyone that I email always tell me that they look forward to receiving my emails because they’re so colorful and animated. Thanks a million!! They are so wonderful!"

"I like GetSmile because they are easily transported to where I want them."
Barb. Ontario.

"I love GetSmile because I don’t get the junk adware popping up, cluttering my computer and they are just adorable!"
Jean in Jersey

"I like being able to add my own and organize smileys the way I like. Also very good selection of smileys."
David Jelinek,

"I loved the GetSmile program so much that I purchased the program for my Mother. I contacted tech support because Mom was having problems downloading her program. Tech support was very prompt with help to solve Mom’s problems and that is something that I really appreciated. I recommend GetSmile wholeheartedly. I have not had spyware nor adware problems while using this program."
L. Long, PA

"I love GetSmile and use them extensively. I've been using them for the past three or four years and started using them on a forum I moderate. Soon... dozens of participants were using them too!"

"I enjoy using the Smileys in my E-mails, because they are unique with many categories to choose from. Keep up the great creativity!!!"

"Great program and easy to use.."
William Albertson,,