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"When i used the GetSmile smileys in the forums i got a lot of positive feedback...People loved them !! They said they thought the smileys really made the forums more interesting and fun to read and always wondered what smiles they might see next from me..."
Dixie in Wisconsin

"I like the opportunity to spice up my emails...makes them more personal."
M Agler, Nebraska

"These are great and really juice up my emails."
Henry F, Georgia

"GetSmile is one of the coolest software downloads I have purchased. I use it all the time in my e-mails and it is a lot of fun. People are always commenting on my little guys with the roundheads. They just seem to make my e-mails all the merrier for everyone! I also want to mention that the upgrade notification and optional seasonal MSN Emoticons have been really great too. What did I do without them before... Thank you Getsmile!"
Fred L., Seattle, Wa.

"I love to use the GetSmile software It is fun and easy to use and I have had no problems with it.
My grandkids love to get mail with the smiley faces in them. The customer service is very friendly also! Thank you for making and sharing this program with us."
Hugs Deb aka Sassy from Michigan

"GetSmile smileys expand my ability to communicate."
Leslie, Florida

"It’s fun to use Smileys when sending e-mail. I gives even the most boring exchanges a liveliness that’s otherwise missing."

"Wonderful program and easy to use. It adds so much to an otherwise dull e-mail."
Linda W., Florida