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"I find GetSmile very entertaining and there is one to suit every occasion, the recipients
of my emails enjoy them very much."
Les Meier,
Ravenshoe, Australia

7-"I really enjoy using smilies in my e-mail, it puts personal, fun, laughs, sadness when needed, especially enjoyment for the person you are e-mailing."
Sherree Grace, California

"I have been using GetSmile for a few years now and find it a great programme and easy to use (if you read the help pages).I really like the fact that I am able to add my own animations to the programme."
Merle B,
New Zealand

"GetSmile smileys make my message groups much more personal and fun.i always include them."
claudia clark , pa

"I have had Get Smiles now for over two years, and I love it!! It is one of the easiest and fun programs I have on my PC. And I love the fact that you can add your own cards with very little effort. It is really great program. And knowing that it is free of unwanted «junk» and that it’s safe. Make’s it #1 in my book!!"
Janna L. Davis Texas

"I like to use GetSmile when I am trying to make up a cute E-Mail or even when I am doing things with word.... "

"I love these little smilies. They can really express some meaning in emails where just text does not."
Debbie Hale Knoxville, TN

"Best smilie program I have used.
Great features and regular updates and improvements."
Don W., Ohio