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"I love GetSmile, and the new smilies are cuter than ever! I love the easy way it is to add my own graphics, so they may be placed faster and easier into messages. It is so flexible, and I love the fact that it is a SAFE program, not a scam like the so-called "free" ones."

"GetSmile is a fantastic program, lots of features, easy to use, and I have learned now that an entire Web page of animations can be added to GetSmile by simply highlighting the page then dropping onto GetSmile. Great Program, No other like it that I have seen."
William R., Connecticut.

"I purchased my version when the program was just new and have never regretted it. It is fun to use and easy, and it lets me update with no extra money to be spent (unless I purchase the extra, and special packs) The ability to add smiles that you find on the web is a feature that I like and use on a regular basis. I have never had to use technical support but from reading other reports from people who have used it, there seems to be no problem there."
Firefly, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

"I've been using GetSmile for a long time now. It's wonderful. No spyware at all and never crashes my system. I would recommend GetSmile to anyone that enjoys adorable smilies and wants to use something that is 100% clean! Way to go GetSmile. You get the thumbs up!"
Lisa Gordon, California

"GetSmile is great because now I have all my smilies organized and in one easy to access location. It also will hold small animated gifs that are reduced to smilie format. Enjoy the program and I hope they keep updating it so it can be used in even more programs. The tech support is great! They have been fast and detailed in any questions I have had and the advice usually worked the first try, not that I needed much it was more general idiot questions I had to ask them. I highly reccommend GetSmile to anyone."
Linda M., Roanoke, VA

"I have been using your product for three years now and find the software a wonderful addition, since I own a poetry website and use these quite frequently. Your company continually updates this program, giving the members more to work with! Thank You for your constant and continual diligents to all your members, making this software the best I've found on the internet!!"