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"I’ve just enjoyed and appreciated your GetSmile program from its very first version -- and will continue to use it with much joy!! Thank you for all the wonderful improvements you continue to make and for your hard work and creativity. GetSmile is just terrific!! Many thanks to you!!"

"I just love the GetSmile Program, I would not use any other, even if it is free. I would buy GetSmiles all over again. A lot of people ask me where to get the program, I tell them and they also love it. This is a very cool program and I would tell everyone to purchase it. It’s great, it’s easy and you can drag and drop more MSN Emoticons into it, which is really a nice thing. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank You."
Diana R Pa.

"GetSmile is a good and easy program to use, with a lot of nice features and great support for help. I have used it in several email applications and forums and have recommended it. It's well worth the small amount of money you pay for it to be spyware/adware free."
Krissy B. ,

"I adore this program for the fun factor and the customization. I have also asked for assistance on a few occasions and was amazed to get a PERSONAL reply and quickly. I think that, above all else, will keep me as a customer of any software company these days. I would highly recommend the program to anyone."

"I really like GetSmile because it is so easy to use and the forum help area is great. I think there are way too many smileys in the program that I would never use."

"I'm very pleased with the program and it's service."
Don W.,

"I really enjoy «GetSmile» and would recommend it to anyone as it is now... There is a lot about it that I don’t know how to do , but am learning."