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"I loved the Christmas Smileys and the Valentine Smilies. Had hoped you might come out with an Easter group also. :) I use them all the time."
Vixen in Washington

"I really like GetSmile. It lets me add that extra flair to a bulletin board posting or Email to either help get the point across or show the fun in a posting. Thanks!"
Bill Boemanns, Georgia

"I am glad that I have a software that I can trust. I love to use smilies in my mails and forums."
Carol Williams Oregon

"I Love my smileys. The program works great, easy to use, and lots to select from. I give this program a A-1."

"I like the smilies and the tech support. It is a very well designed program."
Bill Parsons, Texas

"During the period of sadness when my MOM passed away I used your software to add a some humor and smiles to my correspondents. Hopefully I put smiles on the face of our family and friends at a hard time for us all. Thank you for such an easy product to use and keep them smilies coming!"
John Crowson Waipahu,

"GetSmile is by far the best smilie program around. It has the most smiles and is the easiest to use. The smiles are easy to sort and this program has a true drag & drop for adding extra smilies."

"Adding smiles just make me happy! It helps add my true feelings or expressions to messages."

"I have had and used other programs in the past, but find GetSmile not only easy to use, but to organize and add to. I have added many icons to my files. Since having GetSmile, I have deleted all other smilie software."
Rhonda in WI